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Hello, my name is John Wojnowski.
        I am a survivor of pedophilia and this is the website I created to tell my story :

(mainly) to comfortable Catholics:

I was born in Warsaw, Poland in April, 1943. The changes of World War II moved my very Catholic family to Italy in 1947. I went to Catholic schools. My younger brother actually went to a seminary (in the 6th grade!) to become a priest. Very perceptive, he left after one year when he realized that there was something profoundly wrong in the system. I was a happy, well–adjusted young Catholic.
        But everything changed when, at the age of fifteen I was sexually molested by a Catholic priest. My personality was crushed in the bud, catastrophically and irrevocably damaged. The trauma was so extreme that I repressed the memory of the event for 39 years.
        Irreparably damaged, I lived a stunted, sad, insecure life until at age 54, a Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal in Texas was the spark that jump–started my memory. Analyzing the facts, it became evident that my life, the only life I had, was ruined at the age of 15. My devastated life was proof and evidence.
        On the 4th of August of that year, 1997, I contacted the Catholic Church and was offered counseling.
        On August 26th, 1997 I wrote my first letter to the Catholic Church ending with: "I welcome any interrogation by Church officials and experts because I am confident that my claim will only be strengthened."
        A Bishop replied asking for more details. I wrote my second letter with all the information I remembered. A month went by . . . no answer. I wrote my third letter . . . More months went by . . . no answer. I was being ignored because evidently I had no legal recourse and the hierarchy "KNEW" that SHAME would keep me from going beyond writing letters.
        But I could not give up. The misery of a life of insecurity, my family's suffering, the wasted potential of a stolen life cried for reparation. I could not give up. I was not ready to go public about molestation or sexual abuse and at that point it was not really necessary: I made a large sign with a four feet tall question–mark and a small caption: "Bishop Lori, do you recognize this question–mark?" and stood in front of the Vatican embassy. Quite promptly the bishop finally answered. He told me that unfortunately the priest allegedly involved died ten years earlier, so I had no case. But the good bishop would pray for me and the Church would pay for therapy.
        Was a bishop's prayer compensation for my loss (my and my family's 39 years of suffering) the wasted potential of a ruined life or a cruel priestly joke?
        Not quite enough to repair a cripple's wasted life and a lifetime of sorrow. The only recourse to obtain a more adequate remedy was at "the court of public opinion". In April 1998, a lone, shy, insecure, stuttering, anonymous old man appeared in front of the Vatican embassy in our nation's capital to display a sign to the traffic on busy Massachusetts Ave., reading :

"My life was ruined by a Catholic pedophile priest."

And I resolved at that time to return to the Papal ambassador's offices most every day to use signs and web sites (such as those illustrated below) for as long as it would take to persuade the Roman Catholic church to meet its responsibility to all those who have suffered at the hands either of its priests who have molested innocent young Catholics, or of its bishops who made the decision to protect its priests and/or the reputation of their ecclesiastical institution, instead of trying to repair the dammage done by its "fathers" to their most vulnerable children.

My life ruined by priest StatuteLimitations
RCallaboutMoney VaticanMoralIncompetence

Recent publications about my work:


John with "Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests" supporters in July, 2013

The breathtaking stupidity of the Catholic Church response makes me reluctant to use the term "evil" but the ferocity, ignorance, vulgarity, cowardice, infantilism, hypocrisy and malevolence experienced by this victim for the last twelve years are evidence of pathologies that plague this degenerate and disgraced institution. A sad old man, holding this big sign, often crying . . .   (I was moved to tears when, from passing cars there were expressions of support)
Early on it had been quite difficult, as I received all kinds of threats, insults and obscene gestures. Daily, from passing cars people would yell: LOSER! . . . One day a priest stopped by, mentioned that he was not associated with the nunciature, but with the Washington Diocese. I told him my story. He asked many questions, also about the responses of people driving–by. Among other things, I made the point to him that the only way I would be a LOSER was if I gave up my fight. (The next day, all week, all month, all year . . . )
        "MIRACLE" . . . the yelling of "LOSER!" stopped: the same people would honk twice, and when I looked they would give me the finger. The good priest, the Reverend Stephen Rossetti, may have mentioned that he was a Psychologist and I since learned that he was then the director of the St Luke Institute, a facility in Maryland for the treatment of pedophile priests. The Reverend Stephen Rossetti also stated very confidently, positively, definitively, with a certainty that could come only from the top hierarchy at the Vatican, that I would NEVER RECEIVE ONE CENT IN REPARATION. It will be difficult to put the blame for the scandal on some obscure country priest. The Reverend Stephen Rossetti made "Monsignor". A "COWARD HIDING BEHIND A SIGN" I was called by a young Catholic who kept repeating his first and last name and how proud he was to be a Catholic and suggested to get a bucket to collect donations.
        These four questionable, suspect, threatening and ignorant arguments were given to me by a young anonymous priest that, one evening, after dark, emerged from the Vatican Embassy.

1) "Statute of Limitations"
2) " It may have been MY FAULT"
3) "To protest will be bad for me. I will be crushed by RIDICULE & SHAME.
4) "U.S. laws are too harsh on child molesters. Will or should change.(!!!!!!!)

I never graduated from the 8th grade but I detected some weakness in these arguments. I wrote a new letter to the Nunciature listing the four arguments and begging for an explanation. No response. After some detective work (pure luck!) this is what I found.
(The Nunciature appears to be a quite secretive or privacy conscious office. The only name disclosed is the identity of the Nuncio.) But I discovered that the young priest was a 39 years old MONSIGNOR, Doctor of Canon Law and the "First Secretary" of the embassy, that is #2 after the Nuncio.
        The young monsignor knew what he was talking about when he mentioned me being crushed by ridicule and shame. A reporter for a local paper, claiming to be a supporter, interviewed me. I did not give my name with the explanation that I did not want my mother, a very religious old woman, to find out. One day, from a car, a man, dressed as a Muslim(!), yelled: "The article is in the paper!"
        I found the paper, . . . I saw the article


        . . . SURPRISE ATTACK! . . .

I WAS EXPOSED!!! . . . THE SHOCK!!! . . . THE TRAUMA! . . . Nobody can imagine how awful, devastating, crushing it was when I saw my name John Wojnowski, in big letters in the headline and again and again and again in the text.
        It was supposed to look like an "objective piece of journalism".   It was a custom–made cruel attack on a fragile victim that made a joke of the tragedy of my life.  There was also one, to me very offensive, BIG LIE. Possibly it was expected that I commit suicide.   Were the "Holy Men" expecting me to have a heart attack? . . . were they expecting me to give–up? The stupidity!        The arrogance!   The evil! It took me few days to recover and now, 12 years later, I am actually glad: It was a literal declaration of war, and, this is truly delicious, there was left a big handprint: a VATICAN'S OFFICIAL STATEMENT.
        Notice the humor behind "Holy War": it recalls the cruel humor of the signs that decorated the gates of Germany's extermination camps.

Vatican in ACTION!

" Sad, insecure, fragile, often crying, standing by the Vatican embassy with a big sign: "MY LIFE WAS RUINED BY A CATHOLIC PEDOPHILE PRIEST"
        A young Catholic called me: "a COWARD hiding behind a sign!"
        " HOLY WAR"?   Vile surprise attack on a lone, crippled, fragile defenseless victim . . . I WAS EXPOSED! . . . TERRIBLE SHOCK . . . UNIMAGINABLE TRAUMA!
        But I survived and in a few days I recovered and now could not give up, and now, this "War" started by this ignorant and arrogant power, lasted longer than the second World War! . . .
        and RATZINGER'S  Fatherland "Thousand Years" Third Reich!
        Notice at the end of the article an "OFFICIAL VATICAN's STATEMENT" & appreciate the snakes' humor & priestly hypocrisy!

Once, in 1998, even Stephen Colbert, the Catholic comedian visited my protest on Massachusetts avenue by the Vatican embassy with his WHOLE crew.
        What was the purpose?

        To make a big joke of the tragedy of my life?

Protesting daily after 4:30pm in front of the Vatican embassy in Washington D.C. (Google: "sambi wojnowski" for the latest communications from the Nuncio.) "His Excellency" Archbishop Sambi, the Papal Nuncio, the Pope's Ambassador to the U.S.A. repeatedly insulted this victim. There are more victims. It can be said that the whole of HUMANITY is a victim of this "Holy" parasite.
        Notice that, in all the Pope's litanies of apologies, prayers, pain, shame, penance, suffering, healing, and more shame, prayers and penance, and even more prayers and Holy Masses for penance & forgiviness, NEVER, NOT ONCE, is mentioned the word "reparation" for the victims.
        "PARASITES!" is what the Pope really thinks about the victims of priestly sexual abuse.   That is what I was called by one anonymous monsignor, a ranking diplomat at the Pope's embassy, on Dec. 11th, 2010) in front of the Vatican's embassy!
        What a vile, sad, ugly joke.

In July of 2011, David R. Dubuque, who left the R. C. church in 1970 because he could no longer stand the stench of corruption that he was learning more and more about once he had become a priest, traveled many miles to help in my cause. Not only did he join me in displaying my banner below, but more importantly, he is donating his skills as a writer and a web designer to help me with my web sites.

        In appreciation for David's support, and because I think so highly of his web sites, I am now using banners to promote his web sites as well as my own. To go to any of his sites, click on the appropriate picture below:


If you Google:   "Sambi Wojnowski", you can see how Archbishop Sambi behaves when he's not "in costume" on the public stage. Here's Google's top listing (as of 07 / 29 / 11 :) ( in a parallel window).
Read all about the

by expert witness Richard Sipe.
        and this great article from "The Irish Times":
        Church's condoning of evil goes way back.

Open Letter to All celebrity Catholics
My name is John Wojnowski.

I suspect that the DELIBERATE MALEVOLENCE, the VULGARITY, the COWARDICE, the IGNORANCE and of course the STUPIDITY & ARROGANCE of the Catholic Church's response to my now 13 years of protest may easily trump the Catholic bishops' disgraceful response in the shameful world-wide pedophilia scandal.
        The monumental stupidity, ignorance & arrogance of the beyond vile Catholic Church's response to my pleas cannot possibly be blamed on some obscure, inexperienced and ignorant village priest.
        Somebody should remind the "Holy See" and translate for them the old German wisdom that says "Stupidity and Arrogance are branches of the same tree".

"There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance." said Socrates

Here is a link to an interesting take on a pope who is putting many politicians to shame :



         Open letter to the Honorable Chief Justice John G Roberts:

Dear Sir,
        My name is John Wojnowski.
        In 1997, at 54 years of age, after a life of insecurity, pain and physical labor, a Catholic Church's sexual abuse scandal was the spark that surfaced the memory of a life–shattering, profound trauma I suffered at the age of 15, a victim of Catholic priests' dysfunction, and repressed for 39 years.
My protest of the last 12 years is the answer to the unbelievable malevolence, callousness, stupidity, cowardice & ignorance demonstrated by Catholic Church officials at my pleas.
        When my letters were ignored I made a sign: "my life was ruined by a Catholic pedophile priest"
        Up to that point in time my life was evidence and proof of the veracity of that statement.
        It was not easy, to protest alone … quite a challenge!
        But I had help. Powerful help. Help from high places!
        I am sure that I could not have lasted 12 years without the priceless support of the epic arrogance, stupidity & cowardice of Vatican's officials.
        From the very beginning it was plain that the decision to deny Justice to this victim was made at the highest level (truly moronic or evil) by Cardinal Ratzinger's "Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith".


A "Monsignor", a ranking diplomat of the Vatican embassy, told me that to protest would be bad for me because I will be "crushed by ridicule and shame". (the good monsignor, with his doctorate in Canon Law, could not understand that I was already "crushed" for 39 years, and "What does not kill you, makes you stronger"   SO–TRUE!
        A Catholic Church's inspired and directed young "Faithful", (perhaps a Catholic seminarian in civilian clothing) called me a "Coward hiding behind a sign".
        It appears to me, and please correct me if I am wrong, that cowardice, plain cowardice, intellectual cowardice, moral cowardice, plus stupidity and the institutional Catholic Church's traditional ignorance is responsible for the "Holy See"s unfortunate response to this survivor.
        After protesting for ten years, in the rain, in the cold, in the sun, in the snow, at the door of his Washington's embassy, BIG NEWS!, the Pope is coming to town!
        Quite a few Washingtonians were surprised when, during the Pope's Washington visit, this protester was made to move one block away.
        After the Pope left Washington for New York, and this protester was allowed back by the embassy, one slick monsignor on the embassy's staff came out and twice said: "You see, the Pope talked and apologized to the victims. Now everybody is going to laugh at you!".     (In a priestly–clever public relation stunt, a pair of "victims" were flown in from Boston.)
        What could I do?   What could I say?
        The priests that staff the "Apostolic Nunciature" are, for reasons that they only know, a painfully privacy conscious lot, extremely camera–shy, and literally run away when they see a camera.
        This time I did not have a camera and the monsignor slithered away.
        After eleven years of obscene gestures, repellent vulgarities and insults from "pious" Catholic altar–lickers, I made a new banner that simply stated:


Of course the "cowards" are not the devout and unsuspecting, rank and file Catholics . . . The COWARDS are the Catholic hierarchy and the allegedly educated Catholics, the notorious & supine Catholics in positions of responsibility, that bow to and kiss the ring of a self–anointed "Supreme Moral Authority of the Universe", one terminally avaricious MORAL IMBECILE(and the biggest coward of them all) that is literally incapable of even considering to give reparation to the victims of the devastating, life ruining crimes of his dysfunctional "church".
        It must have touched a nerve because almost immediately, in broad daylight, a priest emerged from the Pope's embassy and accused me of being the big coward!
What could I do? What could I say?
I said: My name is JOHN WOJNOWSKI. What is YOUR NAME?
No answer. And the priest started walking away
Again: My name is JOHN WOJNOWSKI. What is YOUR NAME?
Again silence.
Me again: My name is JOHN WOJNOWSKI. What is YOUR NAME?
"I am a child of God."

Conscious of being trapped in the facade of a pretentious, crumbling “Mickey Mouse” institution, trying to defend the indefensible, the Catholic hierarchy lives in continuous fear of exposure and scandal.
        This survivor, tempered by twelve years of vicious attacks, insults and the accusation of being paid to protest, (they KNOW who is paying me!) is ready to expose himself to the charge of slander, defamation or libel by suggesting that Cardinal Ratzinger was in total support of the decision by Phoenix's Bishop Thomas O'Brien, when on June 14, 2003, after hitting and killing Jim Lee Reed, a 43 years old, 6 feet tall, 250 lb carpenter, with his personal Buick, the good bishop, actually accelerated and left the scene of the accident.
        God only knows what Pope John Paul II saw in this man, when he made him a bishop after he had only been a senior pastor for two years.

Avarice exposes MORAL IMBECILE

Notice that, in all the Pope's litanies of apologies, prayers, pain, shame, penance, suffering, healing, and more shame, prayers and penance, and even more prayers and Holy Masses for penance & forgiveness, NEVER, NOT ONCE, is mentioned the word "reparation" for the victims.
"PARASITES!" is what the Pope really thinks about the victims of priestly sexual abuse. That is what I was called by one anonymous monsignor, a ranking diplomat at the Pope's embassy, last Saturday (December 11th, 2010) at 6pm, in front of the Vatican's embassy! What a vile, sad, ugly joke.



In an odd coincidence, two years to the day, I had another vile encounter with yet another of the embassy's highest-ranking clergymen. This is the way Msgr. Jean-Francois Lantheaume looks when he's "dressed to the nines". He was in his street clothes on the evening of December 11th, 2012, when he responded to my challenge "My name is JOHN WOJNOWSKI. What is YOUR NAME?", by SPITTING IN MY FACE! Here's a detailed account :

Pope Benedict XVI Benedict16.jpg
Under the perfumed silks, under the golden robes,
only find the sick minds of sanctimonious
PARASITES trapped in a brain–dead,
        Sociopaths hide PEDOPHILES

Check out these great sites:

Would Mr Ratzinger, a.k.a."His Holiness" & "The Pope", call the F.B.I. to report about his bishops flying to Thailand to sodomize pretty 8 year old Asian boys?
        Would Mr Al Capone, a.k.a. "Scarface", call the I.R.S. to report about his accountants cheating on his federal Taxes?
        To his credit Al Capone never claimed to be the "supreme moral authority of the universe".

        Mr Ratzinger claims immunity: "SCREW morality, SCREW Justice, SCREW the victims, & SCREW the children too. I am the Pope & I have Sovereign Immunity!"
        A Catholic, Al Capone attended Catholic schools. Died of syphilis. Did not use condoms.
An extreme Catholic, Mr Ratzinger abhors the use of condoms. Providing he's not a hypocrite, he will die a virgin.


For the "Supreme Moral Authority of the Universe" to hide behind Sovereign/Diplomatic Immunity or arbitrary Statutes of Limitations is not only bizarre, absurd & bad legal advice but profound stupidity.
        For the "Supreme Moral Authority of the Universe" to deny Justice to the Victims, insult the Victims, assault the Victims, shame the Victims to "S Q U A S H " the Victims, is not only immoral, nauseating stupidity & arrogance, it's ONE MORE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.


The Pope & his cowards firmly
on the WRONG side of Justice




As you can probably tell, I'm not a professional writer. However, this is what three scholars have to say about the Catholic hierarchy (http://reform-network.net/?p=2471 ):
Here are three recent comments on this blog that deserve wider circulation.* * *

Tom Doyle's comment on NSAC Calls Second Resigning Irish Bishop's Statement Incredulous follows. [Irish bishop] James Moriarity's statement is completely believable but one must understand it in its proper context. There can be no doubt that he, like the others, had cognitive recognition of the fact that sexual abuse of a child by anyone is harmful and in addition, cognitive recognition that sexual abuse of a child by a cleric is harmful. The difference between Moriarity and the same kind of cognitive recognition by a lay man or woman is this: he knows but doesn't care. In all probability his lack of a proper and appropriate emotional response is grounded in the radical formation he has experienced in the toxic clerical sub–culture of which he has been a part for all of his adult life. The clerical sub–culture creates a significantly different value system in its members.
        The highest value is placed in the clerical/hierarchical culture itself. The bishops are taught to believe that they are the hierarchical system and hence the Church. This of course lacks any foundation in history or scripture but that matters not. The hierarchical system is a breeding ground for a deadly psychological disorder known as "Acquired Situational Narcissism." This disorder prevents the person from truly valuing anything other than himself for its own sake. In other words, if something is of value it is based on its benefit to the narcissist and in this instance to the narcissistic system. Consequently had Moriartity stated publicly that he knew that sex abuse of children by clerics was horrendous and evil and admitted that he allowed it anyway because he did not want to tarnish his image, then he would have been accurate and either a "recovering narcissist", of which there is no such thing, or a budding convert to honesty which is almost as rare.
* * *
Debby Bodkin's comment on NSAC Says Irish Bishops Christmas Resignations Small but Necessary Stirrings of Taking of Responsibility follows:
        Based on the ENABLING of sex crimes committed against children and adults, Irish Bishops made decisions to resign their positions in the Catholic Church – thank you! Catholic children and adults in Ireland have now moved one step closer to finding much needed truth, justice and peace. Tragically, in the United States, the greatest and most generous country in the world, Catholic Cardinals and Bishops have continued to justify their role in the clergy sex abuse crisis by retaining politically–connected attorneys to plead freedom of religion and separation of Church and State in criminal and civil courts of law.
Any moral and decent human being understands that freedom of religion privilege is not a free pass to sexually abuse anyone and never will be. Our children in the world continue to observe each and every decision made by individuals trying to justify and/or deny the wrongs revealed since the clergy sex abuse crisis erupted in 2001. What happens? The Church's attorneys get richer . . . the truths (sex crimes) remain dirty secrets in sealed Church files . . . the legal battles continue in U.S. courts . . . and the civil rights of unsuspecting children, adults and the faithful in the pews are denied – all in the name of God.
        Does anyone truly believe decisions made by the Vatican, the U.S. Church and its attorneys, in defense of business practices that have enabled sex abuse crimes against children and adults for decades, are strokes of genius or God's plan for the Church?
        Without justice, there will never be peace. Without peace, faith and our country's laws are empty.
        John Shuster's comment on Behind the scene look at resignations of 4 Irish bishops follows: The church's culture, from the current pope on down to the priests, nuns and church employees, is driven by fear. They use the church as an institution and business to sustain their lifestyles which are far from their professed values of celibacy/total sexual continence, poverty/oneness with the poor, and obedience to God's will as expressed from the wisdom of the community. Most of these people couldn't make it in the real world, and they are terrified to lose the security they have found by riding on our backs. Because of their lack of integrity and double lives, they are easily extorted by their power hungry colleagues, embezzlers and sexual predators.
        Because they do not have significant life challenges that help them grow within a true family, they become more and more complacent and self–medicating. They lead a lifestyle that lacks the checks and balances that reality provides, and our Roman Catholic community/tradition is suffering because of their depressed self–indulgences which continue to spiral more and more out of control. If we want to change these people, find a true consequences way to really make them obey their own rules. Force them into touch with the realities that we all face. When that happens, everyday people will tear down their facades in the same way they took down the Berlin Wall. As long as people understand Roman Catholicism to be a mixture of spiritual codependence and cult of personality worship of church leadership, little if anything will really change and our children who are exposed to the institution will still be at risk.

Dear John,

I have a suggestion for the top part of the article, based on my having observed your vigil over the last two years and thought about the treatment you receive from the Vatican employees. My one reminder to you would be not to confuse the Catholics of the world (who may have their big doubts but remain loyal to their faith) with the mindlessness of the Catholic leadership.

With awe and gratitude for what you do and have done, A Fellow Mass. Avenue Protester

        Here is my rewrite:

In the Roman Catholic Hierarchy's many, many years of Lack of Caring for its People
        Sanctioned by the Vatican's Highest Authorities, the amazing feat of keeping a lone, crippled victim of priestly sexual abuse motivated to, IN FACT UNABLE NOT TO, protest every day for more than twelve years is testimony to the continuing inhumanity and stupidity of the Catholic Church leadership and the particularly cruel, anti–Christian efforts of the Priests and Bishops and Cardinals and their Pope at the Roman Catholic Church's Vatican Embassy here in the U.S.
        These "Priests" at the Vatican's Embassy do not care for the poor, the suffering, and the alone. John is all of these. They instead abuse and harass John Wojnowski who has already suffered the abuse of a Catholic Pedophile Priest. And the stupidity and perversity of their attitude and their cruelty – not to mention their sinfulness – is mind boggling. What are the vows these Priests take? How can they be in any way living up to them? And has it even remotely worked to their advantage???
        In no way!! Thanks to their blindness, dishonor, ugliness, and lack of Christian AND human virtue which has been observed by passersby and other protesters, they have caused him to come back every day and thereby to have informed the world that sees him and those who read of his incredible and Prophetic vigil, of what the Roman Catholic Church's leadership consists – of their complete failure to practice their vows or to demonstrate any true Christianity, let alone seriously to reform their practices.

"Those who would abandon an essential liberty to obtain
temporary security deserve neither liberty nor security"
Ben Franklin
        "The nation that expects to be ignorant and free in a state
of civilization expects what never was and never will be"
Thomas Jefferson

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