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  Only the most naive or ignorant of Catholics may believe that the matter of the sexual abuse scandal that is engulfing the whole “Holy” Roman Catholic Church is resolved. Most politicians, slippery or spineless, along with the most obtuse of the bamboozled “faithful”, deem it safer to ignore the stench and so contribute to the deep-seated corruption.

   Having been crippled by a Catholic sexual abusing priest at the age of 15, and so traumatized that the memory of the event was immediately repressed, my personality changed; sad and insecure I never graduated from the eighth grade and have wasted my life avoiding people.

   In 1997 at age 54, after 39 years of misery, the news of a Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal in Texas started the recovery of my memory and the awareness of the damage done to me.

When my letters to the Vatican Embassy were ignored, I made a sign and started protesting to seek restitution for the crippling damage done to me so many years before. Along with an embarrassing lack of common decency, the ignorance, the malevolence and the sinister greed of the institutional Catholic Church was then revealed.

One evening, after dark, a ranking Vatican diplomat, a Monsignor, #2 in the Embassy came out to me and with four arguments explained the ironclad position of the “Holy” Roman Catholic Church:

1.      Statutes of limitation

2.      Could have been my fault

3.      To protest will be bad for me because I will be crushed by ridicule and shame.

4.      U.S. law is too severe on pedophiles.

  That the Vatican, the arrogant self-styled universal beacon of morality, should evade responsibility and escape justice on matters of sexual abuse by invoking statutes of limitation, doctrines of sovereign or diplomatic immunity, by blaming, ridiculing, shaming and threatening victims and even bragging of ignorance is beyond obscene.

A Grotesque & DANGEROUS Parasite

  Among nations, the Vatican is not only an aberrant entity, a septic fiction with a uniquely grim history, but a truly pernicious pathology where Catholic clergy are dying of AIDS at eleven times the rate of the general population, a monstrosity where for a priest to have consensual sex with a woman is considered a more serious offense than sexually abusing a child.

There is more than enough evidence in history for listing the Catholic Church among, or indeed at the very top of “HOSTES HUMANI GENERIS” (enemies of the human race) and submit this degenerate feudal sociopathology to judicial procedures.

Common sense suggests that the only position the Vatican could have at the United Nations should be that of a ward of the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. (W.H.O.)

The transfer of the Vatican’s financial assets to the control of the W.H.O. would benefit all mankind while the Smithsonian and the Library of Congress have the technical and managerial competence to assume and insure control of the real estate and archives.

The isolation of a few hundred discredited moral imbeciles in a leprosarium or other secure institution would nip the source of infection and would be an elegant solution to a parasite infestation problem that has pained humanity for centuries.

The only missing element for the realization of this interesting scenario, a possibility that, if accomplished, would truly be a defining moment in human history, is some gumption from a President not easily bamboozled by pomp and by the empty words of moral imbeciles. We may have to wait for the first woman President to challenge prejudice, recognize the unique opportunity, & free humanity from this burden of medieval superstition.

The “Holy” Roman Catholic Church’s power is the DANGEROUS power of moral imbecility and it rests in the timidity of spineless politicians whose opportunism and reverence for moral imbeciles keeps them in the Pope’s pocket.

It is obvious that the crisis in the Catholic Church is much larger than pedophilia or the sexual abuse of minors. It is crime and criminals, sex and power, yes. But fundamentally it is about ignorance, hypocrisy and MORAL IMBECILITY.

Moral imbecility is a uniquely insidious plague leading to greater evils.

Unlike plain clinical imbecility, moral imbecility is a uniquely DANGEROUS & insidious disorder; it appears to be contagious and the carriers are totally unaware of their condition.

The term “moral imbecility” best describes the Catholic hierarchy’s lack of moral sense that generated the sexual abuse scandal. The term “moral imbecility” does get to the essence of the affliction that has troubled and plagued the “Holy” Roman Catholic Church throughout its sad history.

The “Holy” Roman Catholic Church’s Inquisition was MORAL IMBECILITY in action; also Europe’s Dark Ages, the high point and golden age of the “Holy” Roman Catholic Church sad centuries when Popes grabbed all the power, priests were in total control and the sole “cultural” force. Hitler and Nazi Germany also comes to mind:

   AUSCHWITZ was an end product of MORAL IMBECILITY.

   The “Holy” Roman Catholic Church’s “INDEX LIBRORUM PROHIBITORUM” is historical evidence and proof of MORAL IMBECILITY actually enforcing ignorance.

   Not so long ago moral imbecile Popes were busy printing books on how to torture women and 9-year-old children…WORK IN PROGRESS!

   The history of the “Holy” Roman Catholic Church is a history of dogmatized ignorance. The history of the “Holy” Roman Catholic Church is the history of institutionalized MORAL IMBECILITY. The history of the Holy Roman Catholic Church is also a lesson on the dangers of institutionalism and of the perils of rationalizing cowardice as prudence.

   It should be evident that MORAL IMBECILITY is one of the great, if not the greatest scourge of humanity.

   It should be very apparent by now that most of the Catholic hierarchy suffers from moral imbecility and the rest, by not speaking out, are confirmed cowards.

It is evident that the Vatican’s hierarchy still do not grasp, indeed it appears to be inherently incapable to comprehend the nature of the problem. It lies regularly and, eerily, it has no insight as to why its behavior is unacceptable.


The systemic sexual abuse that has come to light in Catholic institutions world wide revealed the shocking reality that the depravity inflicted on innocent children by priests was covered-up by a MORAL IMBECILE hierarchy and actually shamefully facilitated by shifting the worst kind of perverts and predators from one posting to another in a pathetic effort to hide their tracks. The treatment of victims afterward is even more troubling.

Incontrovertible evidence of profound MORAL IMBECILITY, endemic at the very top levels the Catholic hierarchy, is the appalling scandal of this crippled and scarred victim- exposed for 8 years to death threats and the most vile and diabolical efforts to shame and ridicule.

The Vatican’s MORAL IMBECILE “Eminences”, hiding behind statutes of limitation, do not see the abomination, the naked evil, of martyrizing the victims of the Church’s pathology. A victim without legal recourse is not a situation “worthy” of the “Holy” Roman Catholic Church’s concern. Such attitude should surely be viewed with contempt by all concerned with justice.

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