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When in 2002, in Boston, Catholic clergy protected by the Catholic hierarchy were exposed for sexually abusing children, high level church leaders at the Vatican promptly complained about the hostile American media, compared the reporting to the (alleged) persecution of Christians of ancient Rome, dismissed the clerical sinners as victims of the 60's sexual revolution, claimed that the molestations were a uniquely American phenomenon and that less than one percent of Catholic clergy were molesters.

I was sexually molested by a Catholic priest in Italy in 1958. I was a happy 15 year old. The experience was so traumatizing that it was immediately repressed, but wrecked my personality, changed my appearance and, sad and insecure, I can easily prove that I wasted my life avoiding people.

The news in 1997 of a Catholic Church pedophile scandal in Texas started the recovery of my memory. After becoming aware of the damage, 39 years of misery, I wrote to the Vatican Embassy. I was ignored. I made a big sign: MY LIFE WAS RUINED BY A CATHOLIC PEDOPHILE PRIEST and in April 1998 I started protesting in front of their building on Massachusetts Avenue in Washington D.C.. One evening, after dark, a cocksure Italian priest came out and gave four arguments why I would not receive reparation and better go home:

  1. 1. The molestation happened in Italy. In Italy there is a statute of limitation so I was out of luck.
  2. 2. The molestation could have been my fault.
  3. 3. To protest would be bad for me because I will be crushed by the ridicule and by the shame.
  4. 4. U.S. law is too harsh on pedophiles and should (or will) be changed.  

    Judging by the insults, death threats, rude gestures, spitting, even egging and more I am object of, to many Catholics these arguments must make perfect sense. What is troubling is that these arguments, revealing ignorance, and truly repulsive by reason of crass disregard of moral and ethical principles were not the babble of some ignorant village priest but the product of deformed minds of the Vatican hierarchy delivered by a ranking Vatican diplomat, a slick monsignor, a Doctor of Canon Law being groomed, it can safely be assumed, for top positions in the Catholic Church, the First Secretary, #2 in this important Vatican Embassy.

    Welcome to the dark sad world of the Catholic Church where Catholic clergy are dying of AIDS at more than four times the rate of the general population and for a Catholic priest to have consensual sex with a woman is considered a more serious sin than sexually abusing a child. Indeed, not long ago, during the Catholic Church's golden centuries, simply exposing the concept of freedom of religion or even a sincere belief in democracy would have earned you horrific torture, all your family property grabbed by the Church, and being burned alive on main square. The witches suffered torture and were burned for even lesser or imagined sins.

    The problem is not only the pathology, the moral incompetence; the evil is much greater, for these failures, stupidity, ignorance and the most shameless hypocrisy have become institutionalized. Slaves to their situation, the Catholic hierarchy appreciate the simple secret that monopoly of priestcraft is safer and much superior to piracy: you can rob and kill a man but once, on the other hand you can milk the bamboozled faithful forever. It should be self-evident that the competence of any adult who claims to be a Catholic is suspect. Not necessarily all Catholics are simple or feeble minded. Hitler, Himmler, Dr. Mengele and Vietnam's Diem were Catholics, so are General Pinochet, Imelda, Supreme Court Justices Scalia and Thomas and Attorney General Alberto ( it is still ok to torture heretics ) Gonzales. Indeed, clever manipulative Catholics have the advantage of a naive unquestioning constituency.

    I was born in a Polish Catholic family. One of my brothers actually went to a seminary to become a priest. The last seven years have been a growing and learning experience. Common sense suggests that the chickenhead responsible for the Church policy towards this victim could not be just some obscure country priest. The diseased mind responsible for seven years of feather-brained schemes to scare, shame, ridicule, provoke and discourage an old man must be hiding among other cowardly charlatans and parasites at the very top of the Vatican's cancerous rot.